About Me

Hi, I’m Esther Inglis.

I was introduced to the world of complementary therapy after spending over a decade working in HR, latterly as a Management Development Consultant within the Financial Services sector. Whilst that was originally my chosen path, offering everything I enjoyed – supporting people’s progression, creating innovative solutions, coaching, preparing individuals for new challenges, and nurturing talent. It also highlighted a glaring trait of working in a demanding corporate environment – individuals were ‘burning out’. It quickly became evident to me that my true passion was to help people recognise that, through maintaining health and wellbeing, it’s possible (and easier) to achieve your best in all other aspects of life.

My family, like so many others had not escaped life threatening illness, and it was at this time when the benefits of reflexology became evident. Whilst conventional medicine played its part in the recovery, it was gruelling. Reflexology provided the relief and coping mechanisms for my loved one to be able to complete the necessary treatment, so vital to making a full recovery. Having initially questioned the validity of something that at the time didn’t have ‘concrete proof’, seeing the difference it made was all it took to spark my interest and make me want to research the benefits further.

About to start maternity leave with my second child, I took the plunge, left my career and jumped into the unknown. I enrolled on what was to be my first step in holistic health with a Clinical Reflexology course and I haven’t looked back! Having completed a Level 5 Diploma, I’ve gone on to train in many additional courses such as Indian Head Massage, Auricular Reflexology, Finger Free Reflexology, Aromatherapy for the Feet, Hot Stone Reflexology, Precision Reflexology and am also a qualified Reiki Master and Teacher.

Green Room Therapies was founded in September 2013, and I have welcomed many clients and their families to the practice since…many of whom are still enjoying visits here all these years later!