I first visited Esther shortly after completing radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer. I was fit and lead a very healthy lifestyle so being diagnosed with breast cancer came as a huge shock. My surgery and radiotherapy left me feeling physically and emotionally depleted. On top of this, I was suffering from anxiety which had been a problem for me for many years. I had heard reflexology could help with this so I decided to try it out.

I researched a lot of reflexologists in the York area and Green Room Therapies really stood out to me. On my first visit, I was met with a very warm and friendly welcome from Esther. This really helped to put me at ease, especially as I was feeling so vulnerable after my breast cancer treatment. She was extremely professional, caring and very knowledgeable about my disease and the treatment I had received.

Even though I approached the treatment with an open mind, I still felt a little sceptical about how reflexology could really help with my anxiety. My sessions with Esther have been quite a revelation. I have now had 7 treatments and I have been truly amazed at the effect reflexology has had on me. In addition to helping me regain my strength enough to return to work, it has also had a dramatic effect on my anxiety.

I still experience anxiety, but this is now greatly reduced and much more in proportion to the situation. Now, it’s like my body has a pressure release value that automatically stops my stress levels escalating beyond a certain point. This self regulating mechanism has meant that I remain level headed enough to establish what is fuelling my anxiety and what I need to do to resolve it. I feel much more able to cope in situations that previously would have made me extremely anxious.

Esther’s treatment room is an absolute haven of tranquillity. I feel wonderfully relaxed and calm after my sessions. It is always a pleasure to spend time at Green Room Therapies.
Mrs Brown, Leeds

I have been fortunate enough to be a client of green room therapies for just over 6 months now. Initially I was a bit sceptical about holistic therapies but after my first visit I was a total convert. Esther delivers her treatment with total belief and passion, her warm and welcoming personality makes the whole experience relaxing and therapeutic. I would have no hesitation in recommending a trip to Green Room Therapies to anyone, young or old. Thanks Esther, keep up the brilliant work.
Carol, High Catton

I have Rhematoid arthritis and am on anti TNF treatment which is working some way but I still suffer from fatigue and mild flare ups. I have approached a reflexologist before about helping with pain relief, it was evident from the off they didn’t know much about my condition so I didn’t progress. A few months later I then had a taster session with Esther as part of a corporate incentive at work, I knew instantly that Esther was on a different level. She knew about my condition, my medication and how to focus a plan that will help me manage my disease. I have after treatment care to help me self manage pain during flare ups and she provides me with an update of my progress from her assessment. It is absolutely fascinating, a great hour of relaxation and my flares ups are reducing and becoming more manageable. I made a conscious decision to try something new before I pursued further medication and I am so pleased that I did.
N. Thompson, York

I was unsure if reflexology was for me but my friends kept recommending it to me, eventually I decided to give it a try and I was amazed at how good it actually was! Not only did I receive a friendly and caring service but it was incredibly relaxing and calming. Every time I have a session I sleep very well that night and can’t wait for my next appointment.
Paul Hill, York

I was first introduced to reflexology through a friend who persuaded me to attend a session with Esther on a Corporate taster day. When I first heard about it I was very unsure as to what it could offer me, and how it could help with my issues and conditions – plus I also do not like my feet being touched! I attended sessions with Esther who is an extremely lovely and friendly person, who puts you at ease straight away; she is extremely knowledgeable about reflexology and talks you through the process. I suffer from anxiety/stress and also a condition called IBS (Irritable Bowel Symptom); Esther listened to all my issues around these conditions and tailored my session to work these areas. It was awesome! I felt immediately relaxed, calm and my feet were in heaven! After the session there was a  feeling of relaxation, no stress and lesser anxiety. After seeing Esther for a few more sessions, I mentioned that I would love to visit her at her centre in Wilberfoss. However, being a newly qualified driver with limited confidence and anxiety that kept putting me off driving to her, in an areas I didn’t know with some faster roads. With much encouragement from Esther, I made it to Green Room Therapies! It is such a peaceful, tranquil and stunning place, that you’re immediately calmed by being there. Esther makes you feel right at home for your treatment. The treatment again was fantastic, and I was that calmed by the whole process I decided to go home on the A64 which I have been putting off since I passed my test!! My conditions are getting better after each treatment with Esther, having loved every moment and feeling a difference in myself, I have booked in future treatments and look forward to many more sessions at Green Room Therapies.
Sarah W.  York

I received a recommendation to try reflexology to help me during a period of depression and low mood. At Green Room Therapies I found a place of calm and relaxation. Esther provides a thoroughly professional variety of treatments, in a warm and friendly environment. After a period of treatment, I noticed significant difference. Thank you.
Mrs H. East Riding

Visiting Green Room Therapies for reflexology is like a sanctuary, away from an extremely busy life combining work and children. Following treatment I felt I had a new lease of life and a spring in my step. Esther is amazing, so professional and I feel my feet are safe in her very talented hands!
A. Nelson. Osbaldwick

I contacted The Green Room after experiencing pain and discomfort in my back and neck after having my second child. I felt really comfortable discussing my symptoms with Esther and the reflexology sessions really helped to alleviate the pain, allowing me to continue being active with my two children. Thank you so much Esther.
K. Robinson. Pocklington

I was pretty sceptical about the benefits of reflexology, but this was before I had experienced it for myself. For me it was an opportunity to completely relax whilst enjoying a foot massage that could reduce the aches and pains in my body without any discomfort, and after my treatment, I was left feeling energised.
Mrs Gilbertson. High Catton

I have been very happy with the reflexology treatments I have received from Esther. She is very professional and took the time to really understand what it is I hoped to gain from the session and tailored my treatment accordingly. I find that after having a reflexology I feel much more relaxed and sleep very soundly. These benefits last a good few days and have an effect on my general well-being and energy levels, so I feel very positive and ready to face whatever life throws at me! Thank you Esther, I’m looking forward to my next treatment but having now also had Indian Head Massage with you I am now finding it hard to choose. The Indian Head Massage really helps the tension that builds up in my shoulders and I had never realised how tight my scalp was until you worked your magic!
M. Thompson. Bradford

I would recommend Esther at Green Room Therapies to anyone thinking about reflexology. Her friendly welcoming approach put me at ease immediately. Esther considered carefully what course of treatment would most benefit me. Any apprehensions I may have had quickly disappeared. I was amazed at how rewarding and fulfilling reflexology can be, and the positive impact it has made on my health and well being.
Mr P Nelson. York

I’ve had reflexology three times now to understand more about it and the potential health benefits. My experience has exceeded my initial expectations. Esther is superb, very friendly, welcoming and empathetic. She immediately put me at ease and was extremely knowledgeable on the subject. Both during and after my sessions I feel re-balanced, relaxed and energized. It’s great to know which parts of my feet link to the rest of my body which has since helped me stave off migraines rather than turning to paracetamol. My immune system feels great and I’ve been sleeping very deeply since I started. I’ve been delighted with the everything to date and can’t wait for my next appointment.
Mrs Goodison-Kinder, Wetherby

Green Room Therapies is a perfect place to go for a treatment, where you can relax and be sure you are being treated by the most professional individual – Esther. The reflexology treatment I had was fantastic, I could actually feel my body’s tensions fading away as Esther worked on my feet. I had one of the best nights sleep after!
Mrs Z Cooper. Wilberfoss

A fantastic experience. Esther makes you feel very welcome in her own little oasis of tranquility. As a sceptic, I was amazed by how wonderful this treatment was and how relaxed I felt afterwards. Esther is highly trained and this skill shows in the quality of her treatments. I cannot recommend highly enough.
Mrs L Morgan. Elvington

I recently attended Green Room Therapies and was immediately impressed by the professionalism of Esther Inglis. She made me feel very welcome and spent time discussing what she would be doing whilst undertaking a comprehensive initial consultation. Esther displayed an impressive knowledge of her subject pinpointing issues that I was having with my body before I even told her!! I suffer with chronic neck pain and Esther identified exactly where the problem was. This had taken the medical profession two years to come to the same conclusion.
The environment was delightful and made me feel relaxed from the start. I would highly recommend Green Room Therapies. It will be money well spent. I am looking forward to my next visit.
Mrs N Clifford. Ripon