Advanced Facial Reflexology

I studied Advanced Facial Reflexology with the renowned Ziggie Bergman (of the London School of Reflexology). The Bergman method is a pioneering treatment combining Native American healing practice with traditional zone therapy. Ziggie is the UK’s leading expert in this field, and her work is featured in publications such as Tatler and Harpers Bazaar. Her many A-List celebrity clients can attest to the fabulous benefits of this wonderful therapy, leading to accolades such as Winner of the Association of Reflexologists Award for Excellence and Innovation.

You can enjoy all the benefits of traditional clinical reflexology with the added benefit of rejuvenating your skin and enhancing your complexion with this non-invasive healing technique.

Your treatment will take advantage of the award-winning Organic Facial Elixir developed by Ziggie. This exquisite skincare range is available to purchase from Green Room Therapies.

“The ultimate experience in relaxation and restorative treatment.”

The Treatment

Enjoy an experience unique to your individual needs. The benefits of a body balancing reflexology treatment aimed to increased circulation, and release muscle tension, which may improve tone, texture and appearance of your skin. This therapy can be especially advantageous to those who suffer with sinus congestion, teeth and jaw pain, migraine, chronic headaches, Bells Palsy, insomnia, stress and anxiety to name a few.

This gentle treatment alleviates tension and emotions held in the face, reducing stress, and lifting the mood.

You can anticipate an overall feeling of increased wellbeing after a single session, however, a programme of treatments may result in a rejuvenated complexion and a welcome reduction in lines and wrinkles. Lie back in the comfort of the Green Room and experience a glowing, more youthful complexion from an award winning treatment.

In Preparation for your Treatment

This is perhaps not the one to choose if you’re meeting friends for dinner afterwards! Whilst they may all be admiring your dewy skin, any excess make-up is removed prior to the treatment. It’s also possible that your hair style may be ‘adjusted’ slightly.

It’s not essential, but you are advised to wear a top that allows access to your neck area to benefit from a full treatment. It’s helpful to remove jewellery, but again it is possible to work around this.

You can anticipate a deep sense of relaxation during the session.  Many don’t stay awake beyond the first few minutes – enjoy an hour of tranquility and escapism!

* Advanced Facial Reflexology Treatment is strictly prohibited within 3 weeks of having Botox or facial fillers.

Treatment Price
Initial treatment & consultation £70
Follow-up treatments (1 hour) £65
Group of 3 Treatments* £180

*Payment is required at the first treatment. All treatments must be taken within a 3 month period from the start of the first treatment