Hot Stone Reflexology

Blend the art of reflexology with hot stones to experience a wonderfully tranquil and calming treatment.

Hot Stone Reflexology uses Basalt stones. Comprised of various minerals, such as iron, magnesium and olivine. Basalt is a completely natural resource, solid and firm in its nature, with the additional benefit of being excellent at retaining heat. The stones vary in size, shape and texture – each of them are unique. As with traditional reflexology, treatment is bespoke according to your individual needs, and stones are chosen for you on that basis.

Perhaps surprisingly – given their hard volcanic nature, they combine beautifully with a lighter touch reflexology technique. Light oil is used to facilitate the gentle movement of the basalt stones over your feet, producing a truly relaxing treatment.

Why might you include Hot Stones in your reflexology treatment?

Just because you want to – it’s as good a reason as any! Equally, others of you may be interested in experiencing the therapeutic qualities associated with heat. Heat is thought to provide improved circulation and metabolism, so ideal if you need a boost, or if your energy is low. The application of heat relaxes the Peripheral Nervous System, increasing movement and reducing tension. This is a wonderful treatment when it’s cold outside!

All contraindications found in reflexology apply to this treatment, and there are some additional areas to be considered specific to stone therapy:

  • Heat sensitivity
  • Any nervous condition where feeling or sensation is compromised
  • Varicose veins (we would not work with heat if you suffer from this)
  • Pregnancy
  • Migraine (during an attack)
Treatment Price
Initial consultation & Hot Stone treatment (1 hour 30 mins) £60
Hot Stone Reflexology (1 hour) £55
Hot Stone Reflexology with essential oils* (1 hour) £60
* You are welcome to include essential oils in your treatments after your initial consultation appointment. This is to ensure any contraindications to specific essential oils are taken into account prior to treatment.

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